Quick iPad & iPhone Repair Services Available in Monroe

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Based in Monroe, OH, Cellphonefix provides comprehensive technological repair for your smartphones, tablets, and computers. While eventually breaking a device is a common mishap, the way in which our devices get damaged ranges from person to person. Whether you’ve dropped your iPhone in the sink, cracked your computer screen, or broken your game system, Affordable Computer Repair has the tech-savvy team to help you get back to modern life.

Here are just a few of their iPad and iPhone repair services available:

  • Screen Repair: One of the best things about lightweight, mobile technology is being able to use it on the go. However, taking your iPhone and iPad out of the house and on the run can easily result in drops and cracked screens. At Affordable Computer Repair, their iPhone repair experts will replace your screen with a brand new, original part in as little as 25 minutes. Plus, their prompt work is backed by a 90-day warranty for quality assurance.
  • Water Damage Repair: When you’ve dropped your phone in the sink or getting out of the car on a rainy day, it might seem like an irredeemable mistake. In some cases, water damage will render the LCD screen black, indicating an issue with the motherboard or other internal components. Fortunately, Affordable Computer Repair has the skills to deconstruct your iPhone or iPad and troubleshoot the area in need of replacement, so you can get back to your web of communication.
  • Power Button Repair: Among the many problems able to plague your gadgets over time, a faulty power button is one of the most common. Take your iPhone or iPad to the talented staff of Affordable Computer Repair for a quick and seamless replacement of the power button solenoid.

No matter what is plaguing your lifeline, this affordable computer repair shop will find and fix the problem. Call Cellphonefix at (513) 360-7520 to ask for a free quote.